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Block #5, the 4th Industry Park of Shuitian, Shiyan Town, Baoan Zone, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518000, China.
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Company Values
Double-win Principle
1.To government: we legally operate, pay taxes according to regulations, actively strive for the policy support of the related departments of government, and realize the double-win situation with government together.
2.To employees: we provide employees good material treatment and development space of personal ability, use legal and justifiable system to standardize employees’ behaviors, and realize the double-win situation with employees together.
3. To customers: we provide customers good-quality products and 100% satisfaction services; when customers pay in time, we realize the double-win situation with customers together.
4. To suppliers: we urge suppliers to improve product quality and continuously implement product innovation, pay suppliers in time, and realize the double-win situation with suppliers together.
Operation Idea
To serve the people is the unique reason of existence of GOBRIGHT. At any time, whether providing customers products or exploring a new technology and developing a new product, and whether communicating with customers or optimizing internal working flow, GOBRIGHT always continuously returns to the most essential issue—what are customers’ requirements.
To pay attention to customers’requirements is the starting point of services of GOBRIGHT; to satisfy customers’requirements is the objective of services of GOBRIGHT. For GOBRIGHT, to create values for customers through services is always the first.
In future, GOBRIGHT will further carry out the spirit of “taking customers as the main part”, and continuously push out the heart-stirring new products and services in order to make all customers from China and world feel more convenient and happy at work.