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Enterprise Cultural

Full Name: Hong Kong GoBright Industry Co.,Limited

Shortened Form: GOBRIGHT

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Interpretation of Sign

The sign is composed of one ressenti square, glossy curves and two English lettersthe square and curves represents the operation idea of company, and English letters are the English abbreviation of company, which is also the main abbreviation (The subsidiary abbreviation is “GB” ).

The declining curves and English letters give us a dynamic sense, which means the company continuously makes progress; four lines gradually extend outward from the middle, which means the company is full of vitality in the smoothness, and the enterprise is continuously enlarging and developing.

The number of lines is Four: on the one hand, it takes its meaning of Many, which shows the company has multiple operations and operation thought of diversified development; on the other hand, it represents the company has the strong technical development strength, exquisite production technology and advanced manufacturing equipments. We have gained the excellent achievement in the different Power Supply fields.

The occluded curves have the meaning of Unification and Assembly, which shows the cohesive force of company and operation nature of group.

The English part of sign is the abbreviation of company, which shows the individuality of this sign; at the same time the English letters are put into the sign, and it can strengthen the propagandistic effects and enlarge influence, which makes society and customers accept the sign and abbreviation accept. We integrate kinds of solar power supply, high-frequency switching power supply and inverter power supply.


Enterprise Idea

Enterprise Philosophy: Take Human as the Basis Innovation and Technology Serve People.

Enterprise Spirit: Dedication Cooperation Practice Progress.

Operation Tenet: Develop Information&Technology, Promote National Industry, Serve Social Masses, Create Good-quality Life.

Development Strategy: Scalization, Informationization, Industrialization, Internationalization.

Operation Guideline: Take Market as the Guide, Take Benefit as the Center, Take Technology as the Support, Take Quality as the Guarantee.

Market Idea: Sincere Service, Create Largest Value for Customers.