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10KVA High power, ups inverter,home inverter ups XEP10000RL
It is suitable use for the areas without electricity, vehicles, ships, solar energy, wind turbine and other renewable energy systems and etc, can supply power and provide guarantee effectively for the areas with traffic inconveniences, in the mountains
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1.) Superior performance from CPU control technology;
2.) Pure sine wave output, can be used with different domestic application TV, refrigerator, fan, Electric fan, air condition, induction cooker, and micro-wave oven; just also for communication equipment, railroading, distribution cabinet and IT equipment power supply.
3.) Wide range of input voltage, accurate output, and AVR function;
4.) Protection Functions: Inner-equipped protection for over-load, short-circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage, and over-heating;
5.) LED or LCD display (option);
6.) Generator compatibly and external battery connection achievable;
7.) Intelligent battery management with protection against over-charged and over-discharged.

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