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250KVA 3 phase frequency inverter, three phase UPS Inverter XDP250KTS
Display input output bypass voltage, frequency, load percentage, battery backup time and so on To start battery test, we can obtain the battery voltage, current, discharge time and other data To set forecast alarm function
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● Core system adopts advanced All-digital DSP control technology, which guarantee the Inverter main system running accurately and fast.
● Combined High-reliable and Hgh-efficiency IGBT module,it reduces noise and power loss,obtain high-quality voltage output and max cost-effectiveness, efficiency reaching 95%.
● Perfect protection functions: AC over-voltage, under-voltage, output over-voltage, under-voltage, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, voltage under-voltage warning, battery over charging protection and other protections in one to ensure the system to work stably and reliably.
● LCD panel automatic detection function and timely warning in advance, with the boot self-diagnosis function. It could avoid the hidden danger in time due to UPS Inverter’ failure, which caused risks.
● The standard equipped with RS232 interface, do contact relays, emergency switching device EPO input interface.
● Humanized panel settings, the users can set system parameters, date, output voltage, battery capacity, alarm function, light-load shutdown, system boot time, MODEM settings, such as orders, also it can be up to 120 abnormal failure information for users to query.
● It has superior environmental adaptability, wide AC input range, greatly reduces the frequency of battery using, and effectively extends the battery life.
● Advanced Communication Feature: Operating Parameters Display, Alarm Information, Command,Operation parameter setting,Battery Management Function,Supported Software Interface etc.

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