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5KVA 48V/96Vdc 3 phase 380V/400Vac 3 phase UPS inverter XDP5000TS
CD panel automatic detection function and timely warning in advance, with the boot self-diagnosis function It could avoid the hidden danger in time due to UPS Inverter’ failure, which caused risks Also it could automatically alarm by setting BATTERY
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● High accuracy and reliability due to the double DSP control system.
● Perfectly controlled by CPU, the working state of Inverter UPS is displayed clearly on the LCD screen.
● Designed for industry to make sure the 3phases Inverter UPS works well under the bad circumstance.
● With isolated transformer output and can drive the load of motor series directly.
● Inverter UPS can be easily interconnected owning to the special control technology.   
● Protection against output short-circuit, overload, over voltage, low voltage alarm/shutdown protection.
● It can work for Single phase and Three phase at the same time:110V/220Vac single phase; 240V/380V/440Vac optional.
● It can be good for loading Pump, Motors, Air conditioner, Air compressor, Lift and other industrial inductive equipments.

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