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5KVA high power inverter UPS XDP5000L
XDP-L series UPS is an economical line-interactive UPS that offers full-featured power protection for applications requiring good quality power XDP-L SERIES UPS offers unique features and extraordinary load performance not normally found in similar pro
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1.) Pure sine wave output, can be used with different domestic application TV, refrigerator, fan, Electric fan, air condition, induction cooker, and micro-wave oven; just also for communication equipment, railroading, distribution cabinet and IT equipment power supply.
2.) Superior performance from CPU control technology;
3.) Wide range of input voltage, accurate output, and AVR function;
4.) Protection Functions: Inner-equipped protection for over-load, short-circuit, over-voltage, low-voltage, and over-heating;
5.) Easy to check with inverter condition with concise LCD indication;
6.) Generator compatibly and external battery connection achievable;
7.) Intelligent battery management with protection against over-charged and over-discharged.

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