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48V 15A battery charger XSW-900
48V 15A battery charger
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XSW-900   48V/15A automatic battery charger device

1.     Main product specification
Input voltage Output voltage Output current Combined regulation
230Vac 55.2V+/-0.2Vdc 15A +/-0.5A
2.     Environmental condition
No. Item Technical specification Remark
1 Humidity 5~95% With package
2 Altitude ≤5000m Work normally
3.     Electrical characteristics
3.1 Input characteristic
No. Item Technical specification Remark
1 Rated input voltage 230Vac  
2 Input voltage range 165 ~ 264Vac
3 AC input voltage frequency 50~60 Hz
3.2 Output characteristic or charge stages:
No. Item Technical specification Remark
1 CC (constant current) ≤58.8Vdc,15A  
2 CV (constant voltage) 58.8Vdc,15A↓  
3 Float stage 55.2V, 3A→0 20%CC
4 Power efficiency ≥95% Vin=230Vac, rated load
3.3 Protection characteristics
No. Item Technical specification Remark
1 Over voltage protection    
2 Software over voltage protection The charger software limits the maximum output voltage to a level suitable for the connected battery system  
3 Thermal protection 75℃  
4 Current limiting protection   At CC mode
5 Short circuit protection Short circuit protection should be automatically recovery after remove the condition  
6 Reverse polarity protection When output wires are reversely connected to the battery the charger will not operate and will work normally when DC wires are correctly connected.  
3.4 Charging indicator
No. Item Status Remark
1 Power on LED1: Red  
2 Charging LED2: Red  
3 Fully charged LED2: Green  
4 Charging Voltage Display YES  
5 Charging Current Display YES  
4.     Environmental testing requirements
No. Item Technical specification Remark
1 High temperature ambient operating +55℃ Features ok
2 Low temperature ambient operating -25℃ Features ok
3 High temperature storage +70℃ Work normally after recovery under normal temperature for 2hours
4 Low temperature storage -40℃ Work normally after recovery under normal temperature for 2hours
5 Cooling Way Temperature control the fans to cooling  
6 Random vibration 20Hz to 2000Hz 3Grms 20hours per axis  
7 Repetitive shock 40g peak 3 orthogonal axes, 3+ and 3- in each axis, 11ms pulse width  
8 Thermal shock -35℃ to 75℃, <3min transition, 2.5hours dwell, 200cycle  
9 Drop test BS EN60068-2-32:1993 TEST ED: free fall appendix B  
5.     Mechanical characteristics
Outline dimension: L*W*H= 255×150×90 mm
Input socket: meets IEC standard
AC wire: 1.2m length
DC wire: 1.2m length
Net Weight:3.0Kg
6.     Package, transportation & storage
6.1 Package:
There is product name, model, name of manufacturer, safety approval, serial number, User Manual and packing list in the package box.
6.2 Transportation:
Suit for transportation by truck,the products should be shielded by tent from sunshine, and loaded and unloaded carefully.
6.3 Storage:
Products should be stored in package box when it is not used. And warehouse temperature should be -40~70℃, and relative humidity is 5~95%. In the warehouse, there should not be harmful gas, inflammable, explosive products, and corrosive chemical products, and strong mechanical vibration, shock and strong magnetic field affection. The package box should be above ground at least 20cm height, and 50cm away from wall, thermal source, and vent. Under this requirement, product has 2years of storage period, and should be rechecked when over 2years.
7.     Reliability requirements & Warranty
MTBF(standard, environmental temperature, load requirement) ≥50K hours; testing condition: 25℃, full load, testing proved value.     
8. Charger wiring
10.1 A spark often on first connection of the charge to the battery terminals due to charging the internal output capacitors, this is normal and should not lead to undue concern, care should be taken to ensure the battery vent caps are closed and there are no flammable object in the vicinity of where the connection will be made
10.2 The charger has been calibrated to take account of the voltage drop in the DC output cables during operation, to prevent the possibility of over or under charging of the battery it is recommended the DC output cable are connected directly to the battery without modification. We are able to customize cable length and connections for volume customers with specific requirements.

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